Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mary Cole!

Dear Mary Cole,

I have loved being your LaLa for 11 years.  I think I was maybe the first person out side of your family to know you were on your way!  I remember visiting you when you were only a week old. I am sure my first gift to you was a book. I often just had to send care packages because I couldn't deliver them in person, but I am lucky that I live closer now. I love hanging out with you and listening to your musical performances.  I am truly blessed to be a part of your life.

 I have enjoyed playing games with you, reading with you, and doing things for others like running a 5K race to raise money for ovarian cancer, shopping for Angel Tree presents, and more.  Your sense of concern for others is remarkable.  You love fully with your whole heart.  Making the world a better place is one of your innate characteristics.

I am also impressed with your sense of curiosity and adventure. You are passionate about history and politics and so much more.  I know you get that  mostly from your parents and grandparents, but it has been a joy to be a small part of that. I am always amazed at how you discover something new and can't get enough of it--whether it's books, mythology, community service, or U.S. presidents.  I see much of myself and your mama in your passion for learning.

Finally, I want you to know what a wonderful young lady you are growing up to be.  I know that you are still learning, growing, and becoming.  I hope that you continue to excel in school, to care for others, and to explore things that interest you.

This is a list of words that I think of when I think of you.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl! LaLa loves you bunches.

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