Tuesday, March 05, 2013

MY Bookstore on a Sunday Afternoon

I visited my local Barnes and Noble on Sunday afternoon expecting to do a little browsing and maybe enjoy a latte.  Hmmph, not to be on Sunday, March 3! It was Dr. Suess's actual birthday so there were a ton of teens and college students all over the Kids' Department to do activities with kids and read to them.  The only problem--no kids! I browsed a bit in the Kids' Department but there were no chairs, stools, or anything so I didn't stay very long.  Then, I ventured into the other parts of the bookstore. I knew that finding an empty lounging chair was a long shot, but I couldn't even find a chair or table in the cafe.  Finally, I found a chair over by the magazines, but some group of people who obviously knew each other and had nowhere else to congregate was talking VERY loudly and passionately. I wanted to shush these folks and then I realized that maybe it was me.  I finally gave up and left the bookstore.  I guess I might have gotten more out of a trip to the library. At least parts of the library are quiet on a Sunday afternoon.

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fireflytrails said...

I am sorry your visit to the bookstore left much to be desired. Interesting comments about loud adults and missing children. I hope your next trip will be more pleasant!