Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Friend Indeed

Slice of Life Monday, March 4, 2013
 I ate out all day Sunday because Gus couldn't eat because of a medical test Monday. I had drive thru fast food for breakfast and lunch, but then had a hankerin' for something different for dinner. I headed to Mr. G's in Northport for some lasagna, salad, and bread. I was also wanting some company so I texted Lynn and asked if she had eaten yet and if not, did she want to join me at Mr. G's?  Well, she had not had dinner and so she came to have dinner with me.  This is remarkable because she is on a low-carb diet and an Italian place is not the best place to find a low-carb dinner.  Lynn and I have not seen each other much this semester so dinner was very enjoyable just because we got to hang out. I am still impressed with my friend who came to have dinner with me at a place she couldn't find much to eat except salad. Now that is a friend indeed!

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fireflytrails said...

So glad you have such a good pal. There's nothing like sharing a good meal with a dear friend.