Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today, we had our full day of Girlfriends' Weekend. We got up when we wanted, we ate when we wanted, and we shopped!  We surfed the web on our various electronic devices and talked about all kinds of things--kids, jobs, life in general.  It is great to be friends with your family! 

We had a good time shopping in Anniston. I love Dillards and Dress Barn. We all found something great to buy. Lindy got her kids their Easter outfits and found 4 dresses for herself--something she hasn't done in a very long time as the busy mother of four kids.  Jenny got cute clothes for the littlest Ballantines--Delilah and Isaac.  Grannie found a dress for her after much trying on and discussion. Trish also got a great red dress on sale. And I found some great shells to wear with my interview suit and a maroon skirt and a fabulous pair of navy heels and some make-up.  Great fun!
We then went out to eat at Longhorn and feasted until we were stuffed.  In fact, we were so stuffed we were basically became slugs on the couch. Everyone began to fade, but Lindy, Hallie Grace, and I started watching Downton Abbey, but only made it through one episode.

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fireflytrails said...

How fun! I love the way you describe the events by talking about the people you spent time with!