Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time-Yay!

Even though I am a little groggy for it to be 1 pm in the afternoon, I do love changing to Daylight Savings Time!  We are getting our things together to pack in the car to head home, but we can get a later start than we thought since it will be light until almost 7 tonight.

I know that some folks don't like changing and I saw a Facebook post about a family with small children and head colds that really are hating the time change.  I, for one, though love the later light in the evenings. I am much better at getting in exercise if I have more daylight in the afternoons because I just cannot seem to wake up early for exercise.  I hope to be getting into better shape soon.

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fireflytrails said...

I cannot imagine anyone not liking Daylight Savings Time - but I know those folks are out there. As for me, I will rejoice with you! Yeay!