Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SIGTE Forum 2012--Not What I Expected

At my first SIG (special interest group) Forum, I was excited about the possibilities of hearing from experts in the mobile device and 1:1 arena.  I am not sure what I expected, but it didn’t work for me.  I was an audience member to a group of 6 people, who were no doubt experts in their fields concerning 1:1 programs and mobile devices, were racing through their part of the program to meet external time pressures.  Also, I felt it was embarrassing that at a tech conference, higher education and administrative types were not working the technology, but the technology was working them.  Then, we went into the roundtable format and that was MUCH better.  It could have been a little better organized and maybe we should have provided the experts with some guiding questions, but for the most part it worked.

And that  was the part that did work for me, as it always does at conferences.Meeting folks from all over that are passionate about teaching and using technology to do it is a definite energizer..  The conversations are the best things to take away from most any conference, and this was definitely the case for me at the SIGTE forum.  Several others at the SIGTE Business meeting last night said that the opportunity to discuss the topics that had been presented was the highlight for them, too. Connections were made and the conversations were started and that is what we are all about. Check out the SIGTE Forum site.

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