Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge--C is for Chicago

Image: 'Chicago from a Chopper'
Chicago I am sure would be my kind of town. I have heard lots of people's description of the buildings, the museums, the restaurants, and the night life; I just know I would love the place.  My first boyfriend, Jim, got to visit during his Domestic Exchange trip in the winter of 1986, our senior year.  His claim to fame was that he fell in Lake Michigan near the Museum district.  Now, my brother, Lee, lives there and he loves it.  I can't wait to visit him and let him be my tour guide and my "in the know" local guy.  Chicago, get ready, cause here I come!

Have you been to Chicago? Or do you live there? What is your favorite thing to do in Chi-town?

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J.D. Barnes+ said...

The Barnes family is going to Chicago this summer. Got our CityPasses, our Transit passes, and Wrigley Field tour tickets. I hear there is a place not far from Wrigley called the Houndstooth Saloon -- with Bama stuff on the walls. We'll definitely have to stop by there. Also, there is a Legoland Discovery Center in the NW suburbs.