Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 10 Takeaways from Trends, Tools, and Tactics for Digital Age Learning

10. A good time was had by all! How could we not with Kevin Honeycutt as the speaker?

9. We should create a table of gourmet learning food for kids, not just the same old thing.

8. How would you feel if I told you that you could not use your phone or laptop all day at work? Perhaps you would feel like you had a digital limb amputated. This is how kids feel when they come to school and we make they put up their devices.

7. It is our job as teachers to tame the tools to make them useful and connect to our students’ learning.

6. Use Lulu for self-publishing for kids or for myself such as blog posts.

5. That Augmented Reality is VERY COOL and not as scary as I had thought.

4. COOL SITES like The Game Crafter where kids can make their own games and SELL them. Or Google Body with its awesome visuals.

3. That every student, big or small, pretty or not, amiable or grumbly, needs my attention and respect because what I do for them may be the thing that makes the difference.

2. Stop shoplifting! Go make new stuff. I want to be sure to teach my students that the tools I share allow them to do this. (Kevin suggested a ninja-like stealth operation to go and destroy all the filing cabinets of classroom teachers everywhere!)

1. Please let it matter. A student comment about what we as teachers choose for THEM to do in school. Sometimes underneath the tests and bureaucracy we forget that our REAL job is to shape minds and make good people.

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Tracy Watanabe said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm sitting in the airport reflecting on the week, my first ISTE & EBC, and meeting Kevin Honeycutt was a true highlight. Talk about passion, energy, innovation, and inspiration!

I'm still processing everything from the week, but am truly rejuvenated.

Kind regards,
Tracy Watanabe