Thursday, June 09, 2011

Five Special Things

I edited this and added pictures of the things I described.

Challenge for June 8: List 5 things from the room you're currently sitting in, and explain why they're special enough to be in the room
1. Don’t Look Back Mary Engelbreit Poster
2. Wedding Picture in frame from the Reillys
3. Metal LA Sculpture by Gus
4. UWA Tiger
5. Family Pictures

All of these things remind me of who Dr. Laurie Fowler is so they are in my office in Livingston, Alabama. The Don’t Look Back Poster is special to me because it reminds of Luanne and our long friendship. Also the message of the poster is important to me. I had a childhood that made me very confident and I make decisions that I feel are right for me so there is no looking back to regret.

The wedding photo is special because it reminds me that there is someone who loves me who doesn’t have to. Gus is smiling and so am I in this photo on the day of our non-traditional, courthouse marriage. We celebrated at a great restaurant in Anniston with Mom, Dad, and Trish. It was just a marvelous day even though it was just a Tuesday during Fall Break.

The metal sculpture of LA from Gus reminds me that he is always thinking of me when I am away from him and working at UWA. Also, it is special because it is my nickname reserved for my family and closest friends.

The UWA tiger is just fun! I noticed when I got the job at UWA that everyone, and I mean everyone, had a stuffed tiger in their office. One day when I was at the SUB in the bookstore I bought my UWA tiger and displayed him proudly on my bookshelf. I felt like I was truly part of UWA when I did that.

And finally, my family pictures are to remind me of who loves me and who believed in me when I didn’t have a job or an office or a doctorate. My parents and brother and sister and my grandmother and aunt and my dear husband were all there during the times I was not sure I would be able to make it. They never doubted it and with their love and support, here I am.


Kathryn Trask said...

I am busy in my google reader leaving comments on my student blogs. Before closing I began to read some adult ones! I am not sure what challenge you are doing but what a great idea for a post. I might steal it.
Love all your special things and the reasons for them. How amusing about the tiger. Would have loved to see of photo of him/her? in the post!

Bunny Cox said...

Thank you for this thought. I'm enjoying looking around my room really seeking the special things that surround me. Sometimes we become so familiar with them we forget to SEE.