Friday, February 11, 2011

Tech Treasures

I feel like a pirate opening a treasure chest. I have spent the week trying to assimilate all that I learned at FETC last week. My Google Reader has been overflowing with new sites and cool lessons to teach. And I have papers to grade, so exploring new stuff is always more fun!

Here are the jewels for the week:

* My own iPad! I received an iPad as part of UWA’s project to see how we could use table computers in the higher ed classroom. I am trying to pace myself though and see how my iPhone apps work on it and then I will add other apps. I also started a blog for this project.
* Cool web pages to locate Creative Commons pictures for digital projects
o Wylio
o FlickrCC
o Compfight
o Multicolr Search Lab
* Awesome Stories web site that tells all types of non-fiction tales with great multimedia links to audio, video, pictures, and web pages. I was especially intrigued by The King’s Speech since I have seen the movie twice.
* Appolicious where you can create lists of apps for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and share with others. Here is my first list.
* Knoword is a great vocabulary game that I have test-driven on my computer and my iPad. It’s almost as much fun as FreeRice.

So there are my five gems of the week. I hope that you find some treasure that makes you happy you stopped by my blog. Please leave a comment on how you liked or disliked the tools.

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, those are great! We're supposed to get ipads sometime soon too. I may pick your brain re. interactivity as I set up my first online course for the over-25 crowd. Trying to build in interactivity even though their start and end times in the class are likely to vary over a 4-month period. I like a challenge!