Friday, February 04, 2011


For me the readers of my blog are important because when I have readers and commenters, they let me know that I have written something worth reading. This gives me an extrinsic push to keep on writing and posting; I do love a gold star or a pat on the back as we all do.   I also see that to drive readers to my blog, I must become a better blog reader, commenter, and general online buddy. I also see the importance of keeping these new blog buddies on my Google Reader feed so I can see what their classes are doing.  I am especially happy to have linked up with folks who are music and art teachers and librarians as well as classroom teachers from around the world. I would like to continue to share their stories in my undergraduate and graduate technology and education courses.

1, 2, 3 Steps to Building Better Blog Readership
1. Use social networking--Plurk, Twitter, and Facebook are networks that I participate in so I need to advertise shamelessly my blog and encourage folks to post comments. If you are on any of these networks, please leave a comment with your handle so I can start to follow you or friend you!

2. Read others’ blogs and comment.  I have found that I am getting very good feedback as a result of this challenge because I leave my post link on a comment on a similar post.  I have discovered a great new bunch of blogging friends to read.

3. Keep writing. I want to continue to challenge myself to write two blog posts a week so that people who read Fresh Fowlers will have a reason to keep me in the RSS feed.  I hope to vary my posts so that I offer ideas for using tools I have found as well as just tell stories about teaching and learning.

I really think commenting and leaving my links on other people's blogs is the best way to get blog readers for Fresh Fowlers. I will challenge myself to keep blogging as a priority for my own professional leanring.


Kathryn Trask said...

I can identify with your post so much. I do like to know someone has read what I wrote, and I also recognise we are all busy in this crazy wonderful world of teaching. Because of the work you do I will want to follow you.
What Plurk? Goodness I had never heard of it!! This world moves so fast. I am debating whether to turn my Facebook into a professional one as well as for family. Do you do both on the one or would you think two accounts. Family and Professional?

loonyhiker said...

You know, a good title draws people in too and your title jumped out at me on my Google Reader. I just had to come find out what this was about! I'm so glad you are on plurk with me too! Thanks for writing such great blog posts!

Kay said...

One of the best things about this teacher challenge is hearing from readers. I suspect quite a few parents of my students read, and I see lots of red dots show up on my map, but I have LOVED hearing from readers in my comments. Find me on FB (same name). I haven't quite decided whether or not to dive into Twitter but will let you know if I take the plunge.