Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who Knew?
I had no idea that I could add pages to my blog. What an eyeopening experience! :)  I don’t know why I had never explored my blog page beyond the posts and comments even when I did a previous blog challenge where I beefed up my sidebar, butI absolutely love Pages!  I never knew this was an option.

I had great fun creating my About Me page and then looked back at what people had said about great posts and I decided to take these bits of advice for my About Me page.  I added links to the things I mentioned and added pictures that I thought were interesting. I also asked for feedback via email since you cannot comment on a Page in a blog. Nothing yet, but I am trying to be patient. But now that I am posting this to the blog, maybe I will get comments here.

In my looking at other About Me pages, I did find some good ideas. For one, I added a Blogs I Have Commented On page because I saw it on Malyn’s About Me  page was very informative with information about her technology life and beyond. I also liked the idea of having a Portfolio Page on my blog; this idea came from Kirby .  BerryArt’s Blog also had a great About Me page.  On Lydia’s About Me  page , I really liked that she put her avatar and her actual photo up on the page. Also, I checked out Paula’s page and at first was not impressed, but I didn’t wait for the Glogster to load. After it did, all I can say is WOW!

So this activity #3 in the Blogging Challenge  seems to have been good for lots of us. I still need to go and leave specific comments on the pages I mentioned above, but I am working on it.  We are learning new things, going to other blogs, leaving comments, and sharing our ideas with others.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!


Kay said...

I like the pictures--especially the ones of you in action with technology. Isn't photofunia great? I could spend way too much time playing with photos.

I also liked your "superpowers." I'm going to have to think about what mine is.

Ms. Nichols said...

Thanks for your positive comments about my About page. I really like your about page, it's warm and friendly (probably like you) and the pictures you chose are very engaging. I read every word and immediately wanted to keep reading your blog, so I think your About page is very effective! I also read your post about your About page, and I too did not really know how to do pages until this Challenge. I'm really enjoying this challenge. Your job seems really interesting. I'm in Americus, Georgia~ not really that far away, considering. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!~Andrea

Mrs S said...

I liked the layout of your about page. The headings make it easy to quickly see what it is all about and the links are great for giving us the opportunity to find out more.

Laurie said...

Thanks for all of the comments. I appreciate your taking the time to read my About Me page and this post!


Glenda said...

Hi Laurie,
I, like you, didn't know what pages were. I feel a little embarrassed that I didn't, but this is all part of the life-long learning journey for us educators.
Your About page is so clearly set out and easy to read.

loonyhiker said...

I loved learning more about you! It was great! Your husband looks very happy too which says a lot about you! Thanks for sharing yourself with your readers!