Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pictures Really Are Worth 1000 Words

My Nieces and Nephews

So there is my Animoto of my nieces and nephews. I love these kids and hope to always be in their lives. So here is a shout out to Hallie Grace, Luke, Eli, and Ella Kate! Love you guys

Some random thoughts on images and pictures . . .

Images are certainly something that attracts me to blogs. I like to see pictures of where the blogger is or has been. I also love pictures of classrooms. I like the colorful, elementary ones and the more “boring” secondary ones. I really love the pics of kids working with technology to do new, exciting things. I think images are a way to give my blog a KICK in the pants.

I think I have had a camera since I was eight years old. My first one was a simple Kodak Instamatic; I imagine that I took lots of “bad” pictures that my parents got developed for me. I also remember having a Polaroid and loving the instant prints. I had a 35mm during high school and college. Again, I took lots of pictures, not all of which turned out very well. I was, however, learning to be a good photographer by taking lots of pictures in the hope of capturing that one spectacular image.

Then, the onset of digital photography rocked my world. I could take an almost unlimited number of pictures and decide which to print or keep BEFORE spending any money. I absolutely loved this new development in photography. In fact, I love digital photos so much that I have almost crashed my HP laptop with all the pictures I have loaded. And I also have both a Picasa and Flickr account. Here is a link to my Fowler's Fotos 365 blog that made it until May 2010 and then I went back to work and it fizzled. Not that I have quit taking pictures, but I have quit posting them. I might need to pick that habit back up again.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from 2010 that I have stored digitally on a computer that I can get to at the moment.  Family, travel, and work are represented here.

Taken with my "new" camera--CoolPix S205 12 MP--Christmas 2010
Taken with my iPhone in Denver 2010
Taken with my "old" 4 MP Nikon Cool Pix in January 2010


Lydia Schultz said...

Hi Laurie--

Thanks for your comments on my post. I really like Picture Trail. I don't know if you can post it in the sidebar on Blogger, but I think I have posted it in the body of a post in my Blogger account.

I like Animoto too. I've used it to create a mini-video of book covers for banned book week.

I look forward to following you through the Teacher Challenge!

Kay said...

Great pictures! I think I want to invest in a fairly inexpensive digital camera to keep at school so I can add pictures of students more often. Since I just figured out how to use the photo gallery, I had the brainstorm of scanning some of the best student projects to showcase as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, love the fact that you shared the photos that each of your hardware provides. Your iPhone takes a good shot for online use. I am always disappointed with mine.
Like you, I love to know about others' families, where they live and their classroom.
Before I had a digital camera, I would take so many photos and it would cost me a fortune to get them all developed. I have photo albums full of photos. Now, I have a full drive with all my digital photos.

Kathryn Trask said...

Love all your photos and am jealous of the iphone, but my use of a cell phone doesn't warrent me spending out for one!
Tried to link to your animoto, but only took me to my animoto account, so not sure what happened there!

Pam said...

Digital photography has certainly made a difference to our world. At a wedding recently I saw children as young as four lining up and taking pictures on their mums' iPhones. I love the mirrored effect in the convention centre photo and was interested in your range of cameras. Animoto is a great tool and making movies of family is very special. Thanks for sharing