Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Wrong with the Educational Blogosphere?

Hmm, I love an invitation to rant from another blogger. This topic comes to me today from my link to Scott McLeod's Dangerously Irrelevant blog who quotes Darren Rouse with the question in the title of the post.

So let's see, what's wrong with the educational blogosphere?
First, we call it the educational blogosphere. It sounds dorky. I like Personal/Professional/Powerful Learning Network myself. Next, I sometimes feel I am a lone reader out there. I admit to sometimes just lurking, but I have tried to become a more conscientious commenter but I don't see the community development in blogs that I read. I also have an incredibly hard time getting my colleagues to register for Google Reader (or some other aggregator) and to subscribe to blogs in their field. I guess many academics still see it as NOT a "real" medium for academic or scholarly exchange, but I see it as a wide open OP ED page for all of our ideas and opinions. I guess I think the thing that is MOST wrong is that not enough feet on the ground K-12 and Higher Ed educators are actually participating in the Educational Blogosphere. Perhaps we feel intimidated by policy makers and others who "know" more that we do, but the beauty of this medium is that everyone of us has the power to influence the blogosphere.

Okay, enough soapbox for today, but I hear the follow up question, what is right with the educational blogosphere is coming up soon!

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