Friday, January 15, 2010

A thing of the past

As I am walking around the Orange County Convention Center, I am continually amazed by the organization it must take to have 3 conferences going on simultaneously and have 2 more coming in today. One thing I noticed was the telephone areas that are still present; usually, as in the picture, with one lonely phone and a chair. It struck me as kind of sad so I decided to document it. Basically this says to me, this space is no longer used for telephones since everyone under the sun has a cell phone. I have an idea, though, why not create charging stations for phones and other devices in place of the absent pay phones? Many folks at FETC look for a seat on the periphery of the room in order to get close to an electrical outlet for their device--handheld, netbook, laptop, or tablet. Just a thought from the mind of Laurie!

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Amanda Harkins said...

Thank you for the feedback, Laurie!

We agree and we’re looking into your suggestion. We appreciate your taking the time to give us the feedback in your blog.

Have a safe trip home,

Amanda Harkins
Guest & Community Relations Coordinator
Orange County Convention Center