Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Google Docs Finally!

Okay, it was me actually. I have had a really hard time teaching Google Docs to my graduate students for 3 classes in a row. Tonight, though, I finally got through! The reason that my class got it tonight was that I explained what Google Docs was for BEFORE I launched into my activity and all the cool things it will let you do.

I discussed collaboration and then showed them a form and a presentation in Google docs. And I reminded the class that they used a Google form to submit personal information at the beginning of the semester. And I saw the light bulbs come on above their heads! Yahoo! They did a great job of creating and sharing forms and adding a slide to the class presentation.

So in the future, I need to remember, it might be me or my explanation. I know what I am talking about in the technology realm, but sometimes I forget to start slow and explain what I want my students to do.

Thanks to all of my real life friends and plurk buddies who sent me great links and supportive messages.

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