Monday, June 22, 2009

Just not that into technology

Okay, okay, okay,

I have obviously forgotten what it is like to be in graduate school and taking classes in the summer. My students are always busting a gut to get out of class. Am I really that boring? Probably not, but I am the teacher now, not the student, so my perspective is going to be different.

Let's think about being a student. So, what did I enjoy about taking classes? Meeting new people, learning new things, and discussing new information with others. What did I not like? Reading volumes of stuff or writing long, boring papers. This, however, is not the format for my Technology and Education class, but apparently my project-based learning approach is really throwing them for a loop. Or maybe my students are just not that into technology.

So what is an excited technology professor to do? I have so much stuff I have learned in the 2 years since I taught a technology class and I want to share it! I know that some of my students are still getting used to using technology and they are taking it a little slower; but for the younger crowd, I am terribly disappointed that they don't want to explore or play with the fun tools I share. They just want to know what is the assignment and when is it due. I can't seem to get them excited about anything in technology and I don't know why.

Okay, so maybe it is they are JUST NOT THAT INTO TECHNOLOGY. And it isn't really me!


Sharon Elin said...

I heard a panel discussion about young college learners, and the speakers pointed out that students think of technology as fun when it is like gaming -- with interactive, motivating activities geared toward a goal or reward and facing obstacles to overcome along the way.

If I were advising anyone thinking of going into instructional technology, I would suggest getting certified in the creation/design of video games, and design some good ones for education.

Here's the URL of the panel discussion video. The portion I referred to begins at 24:18

Laurie said...

Thanks Sharon! I will check out the link. I am trying to make it more interactive and helpful so I will keep it up!