Monday, August 04, 2008

Essential Skills for Success

Quoted from Miguel Guhlin's Around the Corner blog:

Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog) shares this request, "I'd love to read the what others view as essential skills...might have on their list of essential skills needed to succeed at anything?"

Here are the skills I believe are needed to succeed at anything. These are not in an order of importance, just in the order that I thought of them.

Organization—being able to organize time, materials, and people to accomplish a task

Communication in various forms—face to face, telephone, email, skype, instant messaging, etc. Knowing when to use which form and using appropriately to the task at hand

Persistence—keep on pushing your business or idea even when you think no one is listening or interested. Eventually you will run into that person who is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Telling stories—this skill allows me to capture people's imagination with an illustration so that they remember what I was teaching or talking about

Networking—meeting people in the real and virtual worlds and creating relationships with them that last

Belief in oneself—confidence that you are pushing something important; that your work is high-quality and that it is good.

Humor—being able to laugh at yourself or at funny situations is very important to being able to cope with some of the absurdities of 21st century life.

Support—being able to give support to others and to accept support when you need it is a trait that many of us need more of.

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JBlack said...

I read this same post two days ago and followed Miguel's hyperlink to LifeHack's I'm very curious to see what my high school students think about this list and plan to have them rank order them on a start-of-the semester online survey (I've almost got it done). Much of what we do in our Web 2.0 class involves communicating via a blog (i.e. writing and critical thinking skills). I liked the idea that these are transferable skills that promote success in nearly any career. I think I'll also talk about how no where on this list does it say "computer skills", but it's thru computers that we research, and write and network, and the likes, today. Therefore, it might be argued that it's a given.