Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Presentation Zen--My world is complete!

I love doing presentations! I had such fun doing my Classroom Instruction that Works session at the Career Tech Conference in Birmingham this week. My first session was the long session (3 hours) and only had 13 attendees, but we had lots of opportunities for hands-on and discussion of the teaching strategies for career tech teachers. Then, I did a session just for Health Care Science teachers; it was a challenge to find good health care examples for all my CITW strategies, but I managed. This group was much larger--over 70 people--but I still did hands-on activities with them. They really enjoyed it and so did I! It may have been because I got to use the microphone like a stand up comedienne. Anyway, it was fun.

Doing presentations like this reaffirms my choice to begin my own business and deliver presentations to people full time. I just need a wee bit more clients which maybe my planned marketing blitz by email and snail mail will help. It is a good feeling to feel that you belong where you are doing what you are doing. I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with!

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