Sunday, June 27, 2004

I have a cyber Grannie!

I took my 98 Dell to my 77 year old grandmother's house several weeks ago and got her set up on the Internet with an email account on Yahoo. She already knew how to use a mouse from her clocking in at Blimpie's at Redmond Regional Hospital, so that helped a lot. She has opened email and read it and sent it. She still has some trouble understanding about email forwards and little stories that people send around.

She got really excited when we looked up chicken recipes and found 66,000 pages with recipes. We found some she didn't like and some she did. Some met her "I would feed to the preacher or family" level of goodness and some didn't. One that didn't meet her first criteria seemed okay when a family at church needed a casserole. I thought that was so funny.

Also, she is having some dialtone problems so she has trouble getting online but I am going to Rome next weekend to help her out again. I think she will be a real Net person when she gets the hang of it.

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